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Posted By Stephane on May 12th, 2011


The equipment designed for our workshops in the early 20th century merits appreciation and respect. 65% of France’s tool cutting still takes place in the Arve Valley, supplying industries such as automobile and aerospace, and with efficiency in mind much equipment has been replaced. However we can still appreciate the great designs of the past [...]


How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Posted By Stephane on May 14th, 2011


While the Arve Valley in Haute Savoie is known for its tooling industry – décolletage in French – another industry booms in the mountains above.

So what to do with an egg shaped lift which won’t carry anymore skiers? Perhaps this relic of conviviality could be a bar in the corner of your lounge, or even a meeting space?
Oeuf Rouge

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